The aim of this work is to develop and assess an eco-friendly carbon-based composite coating for piston ring applications. The coatings were produced from sugarcane waste and Mo, NiCr, and CrC powders using high-velocity oxyfuel spraying and thermal chemical vapor deposition. SEM-EDS and XRD analysis confirms the presence of carbides and oxides that cause coating hardness to increase with increasing temperature. At 550 °C, under a 20 N load with a sliding velocity 0.3 m/sec, the friction coefficient of the coating was found to be 0.2, the wear value was 130 μm, and friction force was 4N. The results indicate that the friction and wear properties of the coatings improve with increasing temperature due to the formation of tribo-oxidative films and the effects of graphitization associated with the presence of carbon.

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