The erosion behaviour at room temperature (RT) of as-deposited SPS, EB-PVD and APS YSZ-based TBCs was investigated. All coatings were deposited on Inconel 625 alloy coupons. The same APS CoNiCrAlY bond coat was employed for all SPS and APS TBCs. The erodent material was 50 μm alumina and the impact angles were 15° and 90°. A total of 4 different types of SPS YSZ-based TBCs were tested, which consisted of two distinct columnar-segmented and two distinct columnar-grown microstructures. The EB-PVD and APS YSZ TBCs were employed as benchmarks. The erosion performance of the different TBCs in this study was ranked based on the coating volume loss after wear testing. The TBC microstructures and phase compositions were evaluated via SEM and XRD. The erosion mechanisms of the different TBCs were compared by analyzing the cross-sectional and top surface microstructures of the as-sprayed and eroded TBCs. These are released results from the Surftec Industrial R&D Group of the National Research Council of Canada (NRC).

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