The objective of this work is to investigate the microstructure, composition and hardness of reactive titanium nitride coatings manufactured by Reactive Very Low Pressure Plasma Spraying (R-VLPPS) process. Pure titanium powder is injected into the plasma and a reactive gas is added to generate a reaction with the molten particles /vapors. Firstly the plasma-jet properties were analyzed by means of optical emission spectroscopy (OES). Then titanium nitride coatings were manufactured with a F4-VB low-power plasma gun under a working pressure of 150Pa. Investigations show that according to the radial position of the substrates compared to the plasma jet axis, the resulting coatings microstructures are different (mix of semi-molten particles, liquid spat, clusters and vapors). In addition, the coatings composition is modified with an evolution of TiN0.3 and TiN phase crystalline phases. Finally, the hardness of the coatings is examined.

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