Thermal spray materials used in power generation applications are required to function within a challenging array of requirements. The coatings must be applied over typically large surface areas cost effectively, the coating must be resistant to extreme erosion and/or corrosion, the coatings must function at high temperatures and, if possible, the thickness of the coatings should be readable with standard equipment such as an Elcometer gauge. Simultaneously meeting all these requirements and advancing the alloy technology is a daunting if not impossible task if done via experiments alone or through scientific intuition. However, the design of new alloys which must possess a variety of attributes simultaneously is well suited for big data techniques. The calculation of millions of alloys and advanced data mining techniques help to quickly identify the best alloy for the application. This paper details how this process was used to design Metco 8294, a proprietary alloy. Metco 8294 is unique in that it is a Fe-based alloy of high hardness, coating adhesion, and erosion resistance, and is readable in the as-sprayed condition and after high temperature exposure.

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