Additive manufacturing offers the ability to produce complex parts or shapes by layer based printing method using 3D modeling software equipment. Among the different technologies, 3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping are well established. However, thermal spraying makes a contribution towards this field as Cold Spray for repairing metal components. VLPPS and PS-PVD are both thermal spray processes using plasma technology in a very low-pressure controlled atmosphere. These conditions allow to obtain different precursor states: molten and/or vapor. As a result, the microstructure of the coating is unique in the community (lower scale elements, pore architecture) and the properties are improved. Furthermore, vapor phase of metal can react with some gases to generate oxides or nitrides. Another opportunity presented in this study is the ability of this vapor phase to fill mold. The objective is to demonstrate that VLPPS process can be employed as an additive manufacturing device to create well-defined objects.

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