MCrAlY(M=Ni, Co, or Ni-Co)coatings with good high temperature oxidation resistance have attracted great interest. They are widely used in gas turbines as protecting layers, such as thermal barrier coatings and seal coatings. Among many methods developed for preparing MCrAlY coatings, electroplating has drawn great attention due to its perfect bond strength, precise controllability, good coating ability for complex shape and so on. In this paper, the MCrAlY coatings have been prepared by a composite plating way. During this process, the CrAlY particles are wrapped with Ni clad layer. The thickness of the composite coatings is controlled at 150- 200 μm. The plating tests results indicate that the density of the clad layers mainly depend on the electroplating time. After that, these coatings are heat treated under the vacuum condition to make elements diffuse, forming homogeneous M(Ni)CrAlY component. The high-temperature oxidation resistance tests of the prepared coatings show good antioxidant ability at 1000 °C under air condition.

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