Oxides are chemically stable and wear resistant materials. Because of these properties, they are often applied as protective coatings in harsh environments. However, their chemical and mechanical stability at high temperature in chlorine containing environments is uncharted. These conditions are present in waste-to-energy and biomass boilers in which the currently available metallic and metal matrix composite coatings provide unsatisfactory protection. To be effective in these conditions the coatings should be chemically inert, erosion resistant and act as environmental barriers. For this purpose, this research studies the corrosion behavior and microstructural features of HVOF and APS-sprayed Al2O3-, Cr2O3-, TiO2-based coatings. Their chemical stability was evaluated by high temperature corrosion testing of self-standing coatings under KCl salt deposit at 550, 650 and 720 °C for the duration of 72 h.

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