Shaped charge is a weapon that is devised to penetrate armor. The explosion performance of it was relatively low. The liner, which is the core component of shaped charge, is generally formed as Cu material because of good penetration ability. The double-layer liner was designed to increase the explosive power of the shaped charge and to enhance the performance of the weapon through the explosion after penetration. Reactive Al and Al-Ni coating layers were successfully deposited on the cone-shaped Cu liner via kinetic spray to fabricate a double-layer liner. A ballistic test was conducted to compare the explosive power between single Cu liner and double layer liners. Alumina and intermetallic compound of Al-Ni, which are evidence of the exothermic reaction, were investigated by EDAX, XRD techniques. Al2O3 and AlNi were detected on 4th target plate, which means that an explosion occurred after penetration. The explosive power of the liners was compared by measuring the penetration area of target plate and the number of broken support bolts. The explosive power of double layer liner was larger than that of the single Cu liner.

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