Current developments in different industrial sectors show an increasing demand on thermally sprayed internal diameter (ID) coatings. But up to now, the research focus is mainly on conventional processes such as arc spraying and plasma transferred wire arc spraying (PTWA), especially for cylinder liner surfaces. However, efficient HVOF and APS torches are meanwhile available for ID applications. Thus, in the present work, the focus of research is on the ID spraying of bond coats (BC) and thermal barrier coatings (TBC) for high temperature applications. An HVOF-ID gun IDCoolFlow mono with a N2 injection was used to spray dense BCs (MCrAlY). The TBCs (YSZ) were sprayed by applying an SM-F100 Connex APS torch. Initially, flat steel samples were used as substrates. The morphology and properties of the sprayed ID coating systems were investigated with respect to the combination of different HVOF and APS spray parameter sets.

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