The cold spray deposition mechanism of Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) requires a detailed understanding of strain rate sensitivity of UHMWPE. The yield and flow in UHMWPE are complex and sophisticated compared to metals due to their dependency on time, temperature, strain, strain-rate and the history of the processing. In this research work, powder-sintered UHMWPE of 10.5 Mg/mol was subjected to various strain-rates ranging from 10-2 s-1 to 103 s-1 via low compression strain-rate testing and Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar testing (SHPB). The experimental true stress-strain curves in compression of a sintered UHMWPE at pre-yield, yield point, and post-yield were analyzed. The pre-yield and yield point region, 10.5 Mg/mol UHMWPE exhibited an increase in the tangent modulus and the yield stress with an increase in strain rate. Further, the post-yield phenomenon in UHMWPE shows no apparent post-yield softening and shows an increase in the strain hardening with an increase in the strain-rate. The curves at increasingly higher strain rates showed an increasingly pronounced bi-linearity to its flow behavior with the rate of hardening increasing above 10~15% strain. Under the domain tested, the strain rate dependence for UHMWPE can be depicted by a logarithmic fit.

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