In this study, two types of thermal barrier coatings (TBC); duplex and functionally graded coatings were deposited on superalloy Nimonic 263 substrates using air plasma spray process. The duplex coating consists of YSZ top coat and NiCrAlY bond coat. The functionally graded coating consists of five layers with GZ as top layer, GZ+YSZ and YSZ+NiCrAlY as intermediate layers. The TBC samples were subjected to isothermal heat treatment at 1100 °C for 100 hours before undergoing thermal cyclic tests at 1200 °C up to 20% spallation to evaluate the oxidation and thermal fatigue resistance of the coatings. Results indicate that the functionally graded GZ TBC has a better cyclic life than the duplex YSZ TBC after isothermal heat treatment. The isothermal heat treatment also improved the thermal cyclic lifetime of the functionally graded GZ TBC by more than threefold in comparison to the as-sprayed GZ TBC.

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