Polymer metallization using cold spray method, due to low process temperature, is a potential candidate to form electrically conducting polymers as well as composites and improve the mechanical properties of their surface (abrasion, corrosion, etc.). Low Pressure Cold Sprayed copper coatings on PEEK (Poly-Ether-Ether-Ketone) based composites reinforced by carbon fibers have been investigated. Cold Spraying involves high erosion on composite materials due to solid state and high velocity particles thus a new way has been developed. Based on the elastic behaviors of organic materials, pure PEEK matrix has been added on the composite surface to behave as an interfacial layer between the composite and the coating. Optimization of the LPCS parameters has then been carried out using a careful choice of powder size distribution in order to avoid substrate destruction, erosion and delamination of the coating. Consequently, dense thick copper coatings have been obtained and analyzed in terms of microstructure implementing SEM observations. Finally, electric measurements have been performed in order to check the efficient metallization of the composites. A new way for metallic coating on organic composites using Low Pressure Cold Spraying is then demonstrated.

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