The CoCrAlSiY alloy powder with Si mass concentrations of 0, 2% and 5% was prepared in this work. The oxidation kinetics curves of all three kinds of powders after 300 h oxidation at 1000 °C were plotted. In addition, the phase constitution of alloy powder and the distribution of β phase were analyzed by SEM and EDS. Furthermore, the effect of Si-addition on the melting temperature and oxidation resistance of the alloy powder were investigated by DSC-TG from the room temperature to 1400 °C. And the element concentrations at the grain boundary of alloy powder with Si addition of 2% were also analyzed. The results show that the melting temperature of alloy powder decreases as increasing Si content, which indicates that adding Si element could influence on the selective oxidation of Al and Cr elements in the alloy system, and improve the oxidation resistance of CoCrAlY powder. In addition, the weight gain of powder with Si addition of 2% is lowest. And Si element has a enrich tendency in the grain boundary. Therefore, the higher Si content would have a negative effect on the high temperature oxidation resistance of powder.

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