The zirconates of rare earth elements, such as Sm2Zr2O7 ceramic, can be an alternative material, for commercially and widely used for insulation layers in thermal barrier coatings (TBC) systems, zirconia modified by yttria (8YSZ). Presented article described the internal morphology of composite TBC coatings of Sm2Zr2O7+8YSZ type with different ratio of both used to coatings deposition powders (25/75, 50/50 and 75/25) as well as the TBC of double ceramic layer (DCL) type with a 8YSZ internal layer and the outer layer of Sm2Zr2O7 type. The main subject of presented investigations is related with the oxidation resistance of TBC systems during static oxidation test at temperature 1100°C. In this case, the special emphasis was on characterization of thermally grown oxides (TGO) zone thickness where the most important phenomena related with overall live-time of TBC system usually take place.

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