Thermally-sprayed LZ/YSZ double-layer coatings are promising candidate for the next generation thermal barrier coatings (TBCs) due to exceedingly low thermal conductivity and superior high-temperature phase stability. However, a delamination failure at LZ and YSZ interface were widely observed during TBCs service. Till today, the interfacial microstructure between LZ and YSZ remains unclear. In the present study, LZ splats were deposited on YSZ substrate to serve as a LZ/YSZ interface. The interfacial microstructure was explored by focused ion beam (FIB) and high-resolution transmission electron microscope (HR-TEM). The interfacial defects at splat interface were clearly observed and thoroughly discussed. These results would shed light on deeply understanding the interfacial failure of double-layer LZ/YSZ coatings.

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