Hydroxyapatite (HAP) is available in powder form for plasma spraying. HAP powder was fabricated indigenously in the Rod form of diameter 4.17mm. This rod was sprayed with the help of MEC make Rodojet 9810 (flame spray process). Rodojet parameter were optimised for HAP rod. Crystallinity and purity level of HAP rod was measured. XRD and SEM were used to analysed the microstructure of rod and coating. The microstructure, mechanical properties of the coating were investigated, and measure the Ca/P ratio of coating and rod. The micro-hardness and elastic modules were determined by indentation tests and bond strength was determined by tensile test. The results showed that the microstructure, mechanical properties was observed same as in plasma spray process. Porosity was observed more than 15%. The bond strength of coating was observed 20 MPa. Scratch test was done to measure the cohesive strength of coating. This new experiments play an important role for reduction the cost of the HAP powder coating.

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