Coatings produced by thermal spray processes are determined by particle parameters, which can be investigated using various diagnostic systems. In the first part of the paper the different PSI (Particle Shape Imaging) setup are described. Thereby a summary of former publications, presentation of measurements on different thermal spray processes and suggestions of data error evaluations with special difficulties at the particle investigation are shown. In the second part of the paper the new developed mobile experimental setup of PSI is focused. Four important particle parameters (velocity, size, shape and position) can be measured and evaluated. In this part the results and test of new different illumination sources, optical configurations and trigger units are discussed. Furthermore interesting ideas of picture processing and data evaluation are depicted and explained in more detail. First comparison of the results measured with DPV2000, SprayWatch and additional Voltage-Current-High-Speed- Camera investigations are shown. The complete paper concludes with an outlook for future combination of further established diagnostic systems (i.e. find the optimal distance between substrate and thermal spray system).

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