Thermal insulation performance is a measurement of the thermal protection offered by the thermal barrier coatings (TBCs) to the substrate, therefore, it is essentially important to compare different double ceramic layer (DCL) TBCs on the premise of the same thermal resistance. In this study, a series of LZO/YSZ DCL-TBCs, with the equivalent thermal insulation to 500 µm thick YSZ TBCs, were prepared, and their lifetimes were evaluated by thermal gradient cyclic test at the top coat surface temperature of 1300°C. Result show that, the lifetime of DCL-TBCs was more than doubled compared to 500 µm thick YSZ TBCs, when 100µm thick YSZ coating was substituted by LZO coating. In addition, the lifetime of DCL-TBCs decreased with the increase of LZO substitutional ratio. X-ray diffraction analysis revealed that LZO maintains the pyrochlore structure after thermal cyclic test. Microstructure examination demonstrated that, with the increase of LZO substitutional ratio, the delamination position transferred from near top/bond coating interface to near LZO/YSZ interface and finally to the inside of LZO coating. Therefore, this study would shed light to further coating structure optimization towards the next generation advanced DCL-TBCs.

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