Ti-Al and Al-Cr metallic coatings were deposited on Superfer800H (Fe-based superalloy) through a plasma spray process. Then the gas nitriding of the coatings was done in the lab and the parameters were optimized after conducting several trials on plasma sprayed coated specimens. Characterization and high temperature corrosion behaviour of coatings after exposure to air and molten salt at 900°C were studied under cyclic conditions. Techniques like XRD, SEM/EDAX and EPMA analysis have been used for characterization of the coatings and to analyze the oxide scale. Both the coatings have successfully protected the substrate and were effective in decreasing the corrosion rate when subjected to cyclic oxidation at 900°C for 50 cycles in air and molten salt. The coatings subjected to cyclic oxidation in air have shown relatively high weight gains in the early cycles of the exposure. Uncoated Superfer800H (Fe-based superalloy) showed very poor resistance to hot corrosion in molten salt environment.

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