This paper presents developments in the field of induction capable coatings, mainly used for induction cookware on aluminum or copper base material, based on work by OBZ Innovation GmbH. The aim was to develop a new type of “intelligent” induction coating that influences the magnetic susceptibility depending on its temperature. This not only allows to limit the maximum reachable temperature, but also supports the uniform heat distribution over the bottom of the cookware. Thus, this new type of “intelligent” induction coating regulates such important boundary conditions, independently of undesirable or even unsafe settings of an end-user. Finally, this makes cooking easier, healthier and more durable as it prevents damaged PTFE sealings and safer by reducing the danger of fire because of overheating and burning. Additionally, such coatings can be used in further applications, whenever a passively limited or uniform heat distribution is advantageous, for example when the temperatures are too high or in general an electronic control system is for technical or economical reasons not suitable.

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