The currently available powders are for conventional high power HVOF or APS. There is an increasing need for low-power HVOF and HV-APS torches for coating temperature-critical parts and inner diameters. Using them for the new applications causes massive restrictions such as poor coating efficiency, much overspray, rough surface or defects in the layer structure. However, just using ultrafine powders does not solve the problem. The disadvantages in terms of fluidity and oxidation resistance need to be solved, too. Beside the development of modern HVOF, ID-HVOF and Three-cathode-APS coating systems Thermico pursues a continuous enhancement of customized powders. Due to this steady development, Thermico has realized spraying inner diameters with just 10 – 20 mm stand off by using a new WC carbide powder which is able to absorb enough energy out of the low power flame to build up a very dense high quality coating. The modified WC Co 83 17 powder is available for ID HVOF. The high quality coating of outer diameters with a HV-APS is another solution which Thermico has successfully developed. Beside this Thermico had the goal to establish a high quality HV-APS coating to prices competitive to HVOF.

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