Well-trained personnel is decisive for a successful company. International business relations are increasingly demanding internationally recognised qualification and certification measures. The requirements are stringent particularly in sensitive fields, e.g. aviation and rail vehicles. No matter whether in aircraft engines, power station engineering or the printing and paper industries, numerous requirements on coatings are solved with the aid of thermal spraying. However, in order to be able to master what the language in standards calls a "special process" (i.e. a process whose final result can be checked by means of non-destructive testing to a limited extent only), there is a need for calibrated and monitored installations and parameters as well as for correspondingly experienced, trained and certified personnel. Frequently, ETSSs, ETSs as well as the qualification tests according to ISO 14918 are already integral constituents of contracts relating to thermal spraying (requirement of the German Railways according to DIN 27201-10). The article provides detailed information about training and qualification as well as about the certification of plants and personnel in the field of thermal spraying. Not only the significance of a quality management system but also the particular advantages of the GTS certification are highlighted in this respect.

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