The alloying concept of High-Entropy Alloys (HEA) has attracted much scientific interest due to an interesting combination of properties. Previous investigations have shown that high hardness and strength, comparable to bulk metallic glasses, can be achieved. Furthermore, HEAs show distinct ductility and good high-temperature resistance. First investigations on tribological properties are indicating high wear resistance. Previous investigations of the alloy system AlCoCrFeNiTi in bulk state have shown promising properties. Therefore, the alloy AlCoCrFeNiTi with equimolar composition was selected for transferring bulk properties to thermally sprayed coatings. The focus of this contribution is on studying tribological properties of thermally sprayed HEA coatings to enlarge the field of possible applications. Feedstock material production was carried out by high-energy ball milling (HEM) and inert gas atomization. Subsequently, coatings were deposited by Atmospheric Plasma Spray (APS). Tribological properties of the coatings under different wear regimes were investigated in ball-on-disk wear tests, oscillating wear tests and scratch tests. The tribological properties are compared with a conventional hard chrome plating and correlated with microstructure.

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