The work concerns a study of the properties of cold sprayed Ti coatings. This material is an attractive choice for many applications because it exhibits high strength-to-weight ratios, very good oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance and biocompatibility. Cold spraying is applied to deposit Ti coatings and elements as additive manufacturing process, however it needs higher critical velocity for deposition than other, more ductile metals. Nowadays nitrogen as cheap gas is used as working gas in cold spray process, however application helium as accelerating gas allows to obtain elements with higher strength. It allows to understand the mechanism of cohesion between sprayed particles. In carried out experiment Ti powder with angular shape was applied in the cold spraying process. The coatings were sprayed by means of Impact Innovations 5/8 system with nitrogen and addition of helium onto 7075 Al alloy. The investigations revealed that the cold sprayed Ti coatings with addition of helium as working gas exhibit better mechanical properties, lower porosity and roughness.

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