Detonation spraying is used for applying metal, cermet, polymer and ceramic coatings. The advantages of this technology include good adhesion and density of coatings. Minimal residual stresses in the spray process give the possibility to apply coatings to thin-walled parts and foil. Numerical modeling methods for energy parameters of powder particles give the possibility to predict the interaction of powder particles with the gas flow in and properties of coatings depending on spray parameters. In many cases, existing advantages such as high quality of coatings, little heating of the substrate, efficient and economical use of the powder, make the detonation spray process more attractive in comparison with other spray methods. The new design of D-Gun and software gives the possibility to overcome these limitations and significantly increase the productivity. This result was obtained due to a new design of the valve head, new computer control system, electronics and software that allows the firing rate frequency to be increased, ensure the reliability and extend the maintenance-free lifetime. The paper discusses the results of modeling of acceleration and heating the particles of powders in the new detonation system and also methods of computer simulation of the formation of adhesive contact between powder particles and metal surface.

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