Cr3C2-25%NiCr, Stellite 6, NiCrBSi and Hastelloy C-276 coatings were deposited on substrate material P91 by HP/HVOF (High Pressure / High Velocity Oxygen Fuel) thermal spraying technology. The resistance against high temperature corrosion was evaluated exposition of coatings to corrosive-aggressive environment in the form of molten salts mixture with composition of 60% V2O5 and 40% Na2SO4 at temperature of 750 °C. Further, coatings were exposed to cyclic conditions. After the corrosion tests, all coatings were analyzed using scanning electron microscope (SEM), and analysis of elemental composition (EDX). Alloys-based coatings showed very similar corrosion mechanism in the selected aggressive environment and the same can be stated about cermet coatings. The obtained results prove that HVOF deposited coatings can replace current surface protection of components in power equipment such as nitriding.

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