The practical application of bulk metallic glasses (BMGs) as structural materials is still restricted due to the intrinsic brittleness of BMGs although they have high hardness and strength and even pretty good toughness. As an alternative form of metallic glasses, amorphous coatings based on BMG systems can exactly overcome the drawback of BMGs, but carry forward the superiority in corrosion and wear resistance, thus exhibiting promising applications in surface engineering. However, the monolithic amorphous coatings faces new challenges, such as low adhesion strength and impact toughness. In this presentation, we present some new findings on the design of novel Fe-based amorphous composite coatings by HVOF technique. These include the add stainless steel ductile phase, hard ceramic particles and in-situ carbon phases into the amorphous coating, in addition to form laminar structural coatings. It will be shown that the second phase and their interface structure with amorphous matrix play important role in the resultant mechanical properties of the coatings. The combination of the good mechanical, physical and chemical properties warrants amorphous composite coatings to have extensive applications in industry in near future.

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