Abradable seals are used in aircraft engine compressor and turbine to decrease fuel consumption. Their role is to minimize the clearance between the rotating blades of an engine rotor and the casing to reduce air leakages (compressor) or air-fuel combustion product leakages (turbine). Operating temperatures in turbines (up to 1800°C) can induce a thermal expansion of the blades and give rise to contacts providing damages to the blades or casing. Thus, in case of contact, the blade should remove the abradable seals applied to the casing without being damaged. Besides, the seal must be resistant to the turbine environment. Direct relationships have been observed between plasma spray operating parameters and abradable coating performances. The aim of this study is to determine those relationships for YSZ-Polyester abradable composite coatings. This study is conducted within the frame work of the 7FP European project E-BREAK to reach the environmental objectives of the European Advisory Council for Aviation Research and innovation.

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