Solid resin rods including ceramics nanoparticles were fed successfully into a Rokide flame gun to create dense coated layers without micro cracks and pores applying for electric, magnetic and dielectric components. In this investigation, alumina particles of 170 nm in average diameter were dispersed into acrylic liquid resin at 40 % in volume fraction. The paste materials was injected into an brass mold of φ4 ~ 200 mm in inner dimension and thermally cured through heating at 120 °C for 60 min. Formed solid rods were fed coaxially into an oxyacetylene gas flame by using the Rokide spraying system. Sprayed particles were collected in a water bath for microstructure observations by a scanning electron microscope and crystal phase analyses by an X-ray diffraction spectroscopy. Fine ceramics layer formations will be discussed systematically by the feeding speed of solid rods and gas flame condition of air pressure and oxygen pressure.

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