In order to select the effective sprayed coating for giving the thermal barrier to the Al alloy components of internal-combustion engine. The properties of three thermal sprayed coatings (Coating : Top coat; Al2O3, Bond coat; Ni-Cr, Coating②: Top coat; YSZ, Bond coat; CoNiCrAlY, Coating ③ : SUS316) were compared. The results are as follows. (1)After thermal cycle test, there was not any crack and delamination in the coating ③ , and a partial cracks and delamination were observed at the top coating in coating① and ②. (2)The coating①, ②and③ have sufficient adhesion strength. The adhesion strength of coating② was specially high. (3)The thermal barrier property of the coating② was better than that of coating① and coating③. (4) In the result of comprehensive evaluation, the coating② had good thermal barrier property and the coating③ was a reasonable material because of low cost as the thermal sprayed coating applied to the Al alloy components of internal-combustion engine.

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