Raising demands in industry lead to the request of better and enhanced functional surfaces, also on rolls parts in paper producing machines. Due to the higher usage of post-consumer recycled fibers on paper machines the run ability and machine cleanliness become a major issue. On one hand the contaminates called stickies can be responsible for sheet brakes, holes in the paper, web picking etc. On the other hand more sand containing waste paper enhances the impact on roll surfaces in operation. In this paper the different stickies (micro / macro / primary / secondary) and their impact on the paper production will be explained and the development to avoid stickies and contaminations together with high wear resistant coatings on roll surfaces in the paper machinery will be shown. Therefore a comparison of different materials and technologies regarding surface energy and peel force measurements are explained. Together with results of a pilot scale blade test rig the results in the market regarding anti stick properties wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the developed layer stack designs will be introduced.

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