It is only performed light of sight deposition in atmospheric plasma spray (APS) and electron beam physical vapor deposition (EB-PVD). The PS-PVD processing is realized no light of sight deposition which bridge the gap between APS and EB-PVD. In this study, shielding deposition process was used to produce YSZ coatings and the microstructure and deposition behavior were also researched. A shrouded plasma torch was used to proceed on PS-PVD working. Multiple samples were placed on the same straight line to realize multistage shielding. The surface morphology and cross section morphology of coatings were observed by SEM. It is found that the surface is shown an island structure and the nano particles consist of island are grown smaller with the increased shielding stage. The cross section morphology of fracture coatings is shown columnar structure. This confirmed that the YSZ coatings are deposited via vapor phase at the condition of shielding. The deposition behavior of multi-stage shielding is also researched.

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