Be it to save the environment or to save money, engineers everywhere attempt to use materials which can’t normally withstand the surface stress they will be exposed to on their own. This is one of the reasons for the constant interest in new and innovative coating technologies. One such innovation is the transplantation of thermal sprayed coatings. In the transplantation process the coating is integrated into a high-pressure die casting process. In contrast to the conventional process chain, the coating is not directly applied to the work piece, but to a mold insert. During the pressure casting the melt infiltrates the coating and thus creates a join. This way the coating is indirectly applied to the die-cast work piece after removal from the mold. Additionally, depending on the materials involved, a material bonding connection similar to brazing is possible and results in an increased adhesion of the coating. A potentially very interesting trait of the transplantation process is, turning an internal coating process into an external coating process. This allows the coating of inside diameters well below the usual limit of an internal spray gun. Due to the high geometric accuracy of the process this can be potentially done without any need for additional finishing steps.

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