The shear test developed within a European research project has important advantages compared to the coating strength test mainly in use today, the adhesion strength test according to DIN EN 582 or ASTM C 633. One of the main advantages is that no glue is used avoiding any possible influences of the glue. Furthermore the test is a rapid process compared to the adhesion strength test as there is no gluing procedure. However a number of very important directions have to be obeyed in order to make sure that the shear test is correct and comparable results can be reached. This is very important as in many cases it is not possible to control after the test if the directions had not been correctly obeyed. A number of further rules need to be followed to make sure the test results are correct. Within this presentation these direction will be summarized and essential hints will be given to make sure the test is carried out in the correct way. Finally a comparison will be given between the tensile adhesive test and the shear test from the practical and economical point of view of obz innovation gmbh, a thermal and cold spray job shop.

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