Novel synthesis of thermal spray grade silicon carbide (SiC) feedstock powder is necessary to allow deposition of this material using atmospheric plasma spraying (APS) method. SiC particles with average size of 1.0 µm are treated using co-precipitation techniques to deliver yttrium aluminum garnet (YAG) binder from its solution precursor as a nano-film onto SiC particles surface. The YAG nano-film will protect SiC core from direct interaction with plasma jet thus hindering their decomposition as well as providing matrix phase within the SiC particles vicinities. The modified SiC particles are sintered and crushed and then sieved to separate 25-45 µm and 45-90 µm size powders, which are then plasma sprayed to deposit SiC coatings of about 300 µm in thickness. Both the feedstock and the coatings were analyzed and compared with regards to their phase composition and microstructures.

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