Cu-Ag-Zn abradable seal coatings were prepared on superalloy DZ445 by cold spraying. The micro-morphologies of Cu-Ag-Zn powders and coatings were analyzed by scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and electron dispersion scanning (EDS). The hardness of Cu-Ag-Zn coatings was analyzed by Vickers hardness of Rockwell. Thermal shock test was done to evaluate the combination strength between Cu-Ag-Zn coating and the substrate. In addition, the friction and wear properties of Cu-Ag-Zn coatings were also tested on a disc sliding friction machine sales. In order to improve the combination strength and the quality of the coating, two methods including annealing the coatings in vacuum and heating the feed powders in cold spraying were tried, respectively. It is shown that Cu-Ag-Zn coatings made by cold spraying with powder heating exhibit better combination strength and anti-friction properties, comparing with coatings annealed in vacuum and the original samples. In addition, the combination mechanism of Cu-Ag-Zn coatings was also proposed.

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