In the present work, we have examined the role of active elements in controlling the extent of splashing of plasma sprayed splats. Splats of Copper (Cu) and Copper alloyed with Al, Zr were deposited by plasma spray or as free-falling droplet. The splat formation and splat-substrate interfaces were characterised using SEM and FIB. It was found that the presence of Zr, either in the splat material or the substrate, enhanced disk splat formation in free falling droplets. Similarly, the presence of aluminium in plasma sprayed Cu- 10%Al increased the portion of favourable disk-shaped splats compared to pure copper. It was also found that the disk-shaped splat proportion of Cu-10%Al at room temperature is nearly identical to that of Cu splat at 300°C, indicating that the addition of Al in the alloy leads to the improvement of splat formation, correlating with the improvement in the interface bonding with the substrate.

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