The temperature of in-flight particles in plasma spraying is one of the main parameters affecting the coating microstructure. Temperature measurement has been carried out before for inflight particles in air plasma spray (APS) and other thermal spraying processes. Suspension plasma spray (SPS) is an emerging coating deposition technology that permits the deposition of nanostructured coatings with unique structural characteristics. The aim of this work is to evaluate the influence of radiation emitted by the plasma and metallic vapors on temperature measurement of SPS particles performed by two-color pyrometry. To do so, spectroscopic analysis in the visible to near-infrared range is carried out on the jet stream when suspension of 20wt% YSZ particles in ethanol is sprayed. The analysis takes into account the radiation scattered by the particles (Mie scattering) as well as the radiation directly detected from the jet stream, and it was found that the effect of the scattered radiation by the particles on temperature measurement is 1 degree at its melting point (2700°C) and 16 degrees at 2500°C.

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