Surface preparation is very important for reliable adhesive bonding of cold sprayed coatings to the substrate. In this work, the grit blasting of low-carbon A516 steel substrates with Al2O3 particles was studied and the roughness parameters Ra and Rt of the grit blasted surfaces were then measured. The influence of alumina grit size on the roughening of the A516 steel substrate, and the resulting effect on the roughness of the Cu coating – steel interface were studied. The results showed that variations of the grit blast size had significantly affected the resultant surface roughness of the substrate. The adhesive strength of the formed copper coatings on A516 steel substrates depends on the surface roughness and hardness of the base material. The adhesive strength about 110-200MPa was achieved. The specific features of the Cu coating-A516 steel interface topography were examined and discussed.

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