Goal of this work is to homogenize properties of three-cathode plasma sprayed coatings on basis of advanced diagnostics and numerical simulations. After a brief description of the general approach to achieve this objective, selected aspects of the current work are presented. Thereby the paper is focused on the self developed suspension injection TriplexII setup, in the special determination of the plasma and in measurement plus presentation of the suspension-particle-behavior. In the suspension plasma diagnostic part (CT-Computed Tomography) the different temperature profiles and geometries are shown and discussed. Additional the suspension-particle-behavior are more explained with the PIV (Particle Image Velocimetry), High-Speed-Camera and AccuraSpray-g3 results, which are calculated and presented with special image processing algorithm. The last part of the paper describes the suspension coating analysis and concludes with an outlook for future measurements of the self developed SPS-TriplexII setup.

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