In this research project a hybrid technology is developed to repair turbine blades. This technology incorporates procedural and manufacturing aspects like raising the degree of automation or lowering the effort of machining and includes materials mechanisms (e.g. diffusion processes) as well. Taking into account these aspects it is possible to shorten the process chain for regenerating turbine blades. In this study the turbine blades of the high pressure turbine are considered and therefore nickel-based alloys are regarded. To repair or regenerate turbine blades the following methods are employed: welding and brazing and a subsequent aluminizing CVD-process. The focus in this work lies on the brazing method and the required filler-metal is applied together with the hot-gas corrosion protective coating by means of thermal spraying and represents the first stage of this hybrid technology. In the second stage of this hybrid technology the brazing process is integrated into the aluminizing CVD-process and a first effort is presented here.

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