Plasma Facing Materials (PFMs) suffer from very high heat load including quasi-stationary high heat load during normal operation and transient events with extremely high heat load during normal plasma operation and off-normal events. In this paper, W/Cu functional gradient coating was applied on CuCrZr substrate (250mm × 120mm × 30mm) with compositionally gradient W/Cu as bond coat (0.4-0.6 mm) and 1.5 mm thickness W coating as top coat via VPS for continuous deposition duration of 5 h. VPS-W/CuCrZr mokeup with built-in cooling channel was prepared for evaluating the transient vertical displacement and plasma disruption events applied by high energy electron beam. The formation of cracks and surface melting of VPS W/Cu mokeup were investigated under the two transient high heat loads (HHL). The coatings were able to absorb about 2 MJ/m2 in HHL without significant damage.

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