Recently a Ti–TiAl3 metal–intermetallic laminate (MIL) composite attracts growing attention because they have potential application in honeycomb or sandwich components of airplanes and as biomaterial with good bio-compatibility. Of the available processing techniques, diffusion bonding of elemental titanium and aluminum foils is an effective low-temperature method to synthesize the composite, allowing growth of the intermetallic layer. However, application of assembling and multi-pass cold rolling operations leads to fact that this technology is complex and expensive. The use of Cold Spray technology instead of aluminum foils utilization and multi-pass cold rolling to produce the Ti–TiAl3 MIL composites is believed to be more effective. However, reaction diffusion kinetics of Ti-Al particulate composite differs from that of classical MIL composite and needs to be studied. The task of this paper is to define microstructural changes of Tl-TiAl3 composite coating during cold spraying and reaction sintering. The optical microscopy, SEM, EDS, X-ray and microhardness examinations are presented and discussed.

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