Coating characteristics are very dependent on the substrate preparation and spray parameters. That’s why the surface must be adapted mechanically and physico-chemically to favor coating/substrate adhesion. Conventional surface preparation method as Grit-Blasting is limited by surface embrittlement and produces large plastic deformations throughout the surface resulting compressive stresses. Among all, Laser Surface Patterning is suitable to prepare the surface of sensitive material. It leads to several benefits such as surface free of Grit-Particle inclusions and improves directly the quality of coating bond strength so life-span. Finally, Laser Surface Patterning adapts impacted surface creating a large anchoring area. The essential idea here is to compare adhesion for two surface preparation methods Grit-Blasting and Laser Surface Patterning for two couples of materials used in aeronautic: Ni- Al and YSZ powder sprayed on 2017 aluminum alloy and AISI 304L stainless steel respectively. Optimized surface topographies can then be designed according to the materials as well as their applications.

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