Thermally sprayed Fe-based coatings reinforced by TiC particles are a cost effective alternative to carbide coatings such as WC/CoCr, Cr3C2/NiCr and hard chrome coatings. They feature a good wear resistance and, with sufficient amount of alloying elements like Cr and Ni, also a high corrosion resistance. In hydraulic systems the piston is coated for protection against corrosion and wear. New water-based hydraulic fluids require an adaption of the coating system. In order to investigate the wear and corrosion resistance of Fe/TiC a novel powder consisting of a FeCr27Ni18Mo3 matrix and 34 wt.-% TiC was applied by HVOF and compared to reference samples made of WC/CoCr (HVAF) and hard chrome. Besides an in-depth coating characterization (metallographic analyses, EMPA), wear resistance was tested under reverse sliding in a water-based hydraulic fluid. Corrosion resistance was determined by polarization in application-oriented electrolytes (hydraulic fluid at 60 °C, artificial sea water at RT).

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