In order to avoid ice accretion on structures that are exposed to cold environments, nickel-chromium-aluminum-yttrium (NiCrAlY) and nickel-20 wt.% chromium (Ni-20Cr) coatings have been deposited on fiber-reinforced polymer composite plates by using flame spraying. Electrical current was supplied to the coatings to increase the substrate temperature by way of Joule heating. The coatings were assessed under free and forced convection conditions at -25°C and 23°C. The electrical resistance of the coating was estimated at different temperatures. At ambient temperatures below 0°C, the temperature on the coating surface remained above 0°C for both the forced and free convection conditions. A nearly homogeneous temperature distribution over the coating surface was observed. The coating materials were found to be Ohmic and their resistance was weakly dependent on temperature. The results suggest that the coating systems may also be used in anti- and de- icing systems.

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