Kennametal’s UltraFlex surface treatments provide wear and corrosion resistant coatings in locations that are not easily protected by other methods such as weld overlay or thermal spray. The UltraFlex surface treatments are based on a powder metallurgy process where coatings are applied to substrates in a “green” state and then heated to fuse the coating into a dense, uniform, metallurgically bonded layer with almost no porosity. Unlike most weld or spraying processes, the process for applying UltraFlex does not require direct line-of-sight with the substrate, so components with very complex geometries, difficult to reach locations, or small IDs can be protected with a high-quality surface. UltraFlex coatings are available in multiple grades which are selected depending on the specific application environment. UltraFlex tungsten carbide grades have excellent abrasion and erosion resistance and cobalt alloy grades have excellent corrosion and high temperature resistance.

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