Fast streaming fluid media causes cavitation-erosion in pumps, ship-propellers and rudders. To avoid severe damage, materials with high resistance against plastic deformation and a high fatigue strength should be used. Bronzes fulfill these criteria, but as-cast bulk parts are rather costly. A promising alternative is cold-spray deposition of dense and oxide-free coatings onto exposed surfaces. To achieve high quality bronze coatings by cold-spraying, parameter optimization has to tackle the high hardness of the feedstock powder materials. Additionally, practical limits due to nozzle clogging have to be considered, which may occur at gas temperatures above 700 °C. The present study investigates possible solutions by systematic process parameter and feedstock material optimization, including variation of bronze compositions. Thus, dense coating microstructures and - in consequence - high hardness and good cavitation resistance were obtained. Cold-spray coatings reach up to 8 times better cavitation resistance as compared to conventional ship-building steel (GL-A).

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