With today’s continuously increasing demand for flexibility in heavy duty gas turbines operation, power plant owners are forced to change their operation regime from base load to cyclic operation. The required coating properties for the two regimes are contradicting and cannot be optimized with current MCrAlY systems. Furthermore, for each turbine component, as well as in individual part locations, the loading boundary conditions are differently weighted. For an overall optimized component protection it is therefore of interest to produce coatings with flexible and individually tailored properties. In this context, ALSTOM invested into the development of an Advanced Modular Coating Technology (AMCOTEC), which is based on several powder constituents and a new application method, allowing in-situ compositional changes [11]. With this approach, coating properties, such as oxidation, corrosion, erosion resistance, cyclic lifetime etc. can be modularly adjusted for individual component types and areas. This also includes production of functionally graded coatings, without changing the chemistry of powder fractions.

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