This paper deals with some of the latest developments and serial production applications at OBZ innovation GMBH. With three serial production cold gas systems and one for the R&D department, obz innovation gmbh is the leading supplier of cold sprayed coatings. The development of the well-known serial production process of a sinusoidal copper coating for hybrid cars is explained. Furthermore our ferritic chromium steel induction coating and our newly developed product, an immanent temperature limiting function for safety critical reasons, will be addressed. As an example for a current field of research currently examined at obz within a public funded project will be discussed insulating ceramics for power electronics with cold sprayed circuit paths for a potential use in fields like automotive and others. Last but not least, the latest product, “obz fingerprint” and “obz sensor” coatings that can be used against plagiarism and as a sensory element are presented for the first time.

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